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Ava Cole Home has been creating and building custom homes and providing design and residential construction services for the past 16 years. Founded by Pamela Schwab, who saw the need for a home builder that could step away from the conventional to create highly personalized and refined homes for its clients.


Studying Art History and Architecture at New York University before earning her M.B.A. in Finance, Pamela has a deep love of classical architecture and is immersed in all aspects of contemporary design. Her background allows her to design and construct beautiful homes that are both modern and exciting yet warm and highly functional. 


Every part of the construction process is addressed with extreme focus and attention: from the initial architectural and engineering plans through construction and all finishes. She loves creating custom lighting, bespoke woodwork, cabinetry, and even original fixtures and hardware. Every detail is essential. Pamela works tirelessly to create the ideal architectural and interior flow that ties all the spaces together to provide homes that are not only beautiful and timeless but also elevate people’s living experiences within them.


Pamela approaches complex construction projects with enthusiasm and expertise, taking on challenging lot types. She leverages the unique topography and physical limitations to create custom, one-of-a-kind designs. Pamela works both on remodels and ground-up construction, preserving and protecting original and historical elements whenever possible. She recognizes the value of the property's history and incorporates it into her work, effectively turning challenges into stunning and functional spaces that meet the highest standards of beauty and functionality.


While many may say I am picky, I prefer to call it a strong aesthetic sense. My work perfectly blends my love for art, architecture, and design with my background in finance allowing me to make artful yet practical decisions for my clients throughout their construction process.


I fell in love with architecture and design, while I was a student living in New York and London. As a college student, I found myself always trying to remodel and improve my own living spaces - starting with my first dorm room. From college on, I have taken every opportunity to travel to the greatest cities in the world to study art and architecture. I officially found my passion for design and construction after building our first family home over 17 years ago.


Loving this industry makes staying current on the latest design trends and technologies a pure joy. Part of that evolution is exploring new and innovative ways to bring clients' visions to life. Working to elevate every property in a way that is both efficient and beautiful is a challenge that I welcome and embrace.

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